Cashless payment systems for company restaurants


...are the perfect complement to the advantages of an IT-based checkout system.
Multifunctional employee ID cards (RFID chips) allow you to make cashless payments.
Chip cards, chip keys both contact and contactless, are just some of the different variants of cashless payment media.

Your benefit:

Significantly faster payment transactions compared to payment with cash

Checkout per minute for cash: approx. 4-6 guests

Checkout per minute cashless: approx. 8-12 guests

Significantly shorten waiting times and thus increase the satisfaction of staff and guests

Elimination / minimisation of costs and effort for counting and removal of coinage, reduction of risks in case of misuse and theft

Exact allocation of allowances, surcharges, discounts

Accurate accounting vis-à-vis legal authorities, e.g. tax office

Definition of different customer groups, e.g. own employees, employees of other/external companies, guests, trainees

The use of contactless payment media significantly increases the flexibility of the payment process.
Subsequent segmentation and coding makes it possible to adapt already existing multifunctional employee ID cards to the new payment system.

Special features:

Cost centre card settlement without additional effort

Facilitation of planning and controlling through exact accounting of all sales facilities (restaurant, bistro, shop, vending machines, etc.) according to product groups, user groups, cost centres, etc.

Central control through networkability of all components enables uniform and simple control of the systems

Improving the liquidity of the catering trade in the event of the revaluation of employee cards in advance

There are several types of cashless payment systems available to you.
Below you will find a brief overview with the special advantages of the individual variants, using the example of payment with chip card.


 Payment by means of salary and wages


The sales are assigned to the customer at the cash register via the chip card.
The corresponding amounts are transferred to the payroll system (SAP, Paisy, IPAS) via a customised interface and offset against the salary of the following month.

Settlement of meal allowance via wages and salary

  • No expensive upgrading technology necessary
  • Payment is completely cashless No risk of misuse or theft!

  • Restaurant operator only settles accounts with the company at the end of the month

Payment revaluation against cash


The guest upgrades his chip card in advance at an upgrading machine against cash. At the cash desk / machine, the amount is debited directly from the card.

Upgrade canteen chip card for cash at an upgrading machine

  • Increase of liquidity in the company through revaluation in ADVANCE
  • Reduced risk of misuse and theft due to specially secured lift units with three-point locking system

  • expensive upgrading technology - card credit at payment is not sufficient
  • Delay at the checkout

Payment Upgrading against Paypal


The guest charges his chip card in advance or live, online via web browser or mobile via smartphone or tablet via PayPal.
The amount is physically booked onto the card within approx. 1.5 seconds of the first contact with a POS card reader.
The credit is then available to the guest and can be used at all online and offline payment terminals.

  • Low investment costs - no need for expensive upvaluation and downvaluation technology
  • Existing systems can be easily and uncomplicatedly supplemented with the new upgrade / payment variant
  • Employees, students, externals and/or guests, can use the functionality at any time from anywhere
  • Fast checkout guaranteed
  • Subscription charging function - no more problems with insufficient credit
  • Increase turnover by maximising sales
  • Increase of the cash flow! The topped-up amounts are credited to the operator on a daily basis
  • Maximum security - protection against misuse, vandalism, theft
  • Minimal operating costs - through our "pay per use model
  • Optimal data protection and data security
  • NO follow-up costs such as e.g.: Maintenance, repairs, damages, etc.
  • Optimal transparency through our transaction tracking online, for employees / students and/or guests

  • monthly costs for web hosting
  • Transaction fees incurred per top-up

Payment with the cash card


The guest pays at the cash desk with the credit of his/her cash card. The credit on the cash card is applied to the user's bank account at a cash card terminal. These loading terminals can be found in every savings bank and bank branch.

Payment systems for canteens and company catering - KAMAsys cash card

  • As a rule, it is not necessary to purchase new cards because 90% of ec cards are equipped with a cash card chip.
  • Payment is completely cashless

  • Contact chip of the cash card slows down the payment process Card balance is not sufficient when paying at the cash desk
  • Card must be upgraded at the cash card loading terminal
  • additional delay at the checkout

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