Many years of experience of different users determine the development of the cash register software for mass catering.

This includes simple manageability with the greatest possible flexibility and performance at the same time. Kamasys makes it possible to link cashless payment systems with a wide variety of cash register components with one software.

The main advantages of the software include automation of standard processes, detailed analysis of sales results, smooth connection to enterprise resource planning systems and external devices. The implementation of legal interfaces (GoBD, DSFINV-K and others) is a matter of course.

kamasys banner the cash register software for the communal catering industry

All the advantages of the POS software:

  • Chronological indication of sales data (bonings) for a period of time
  • Automation of standard processes (evaluations, interfaces and data processing)
  • Analysis of the sales results according to e.g. product groups, VAT, turnover, payment type, article, diners, cash register and point of sale.
  • Simple balance tracking and current account determination
  • Evaluation of ec payment by card type
  • Transfer of sales results to statistics (export: Word, Excel, PDF)
  • Implemented legal interfaces GoBD, DSFINV-K, TAR-Fileexport, DSGVO - pseudonymize personal data
  • Connection to merchandise management systems (e.g. KOST, DELEGATE)
  • Interface connection of external devices (upgraders, vending machines, etc.)