Fast and competent service at the point of sale contributes to increased customer satisfaction and thus significantly to business success.

The cash register systems of kamasys impress by a maximum of flexibility and performance - adjusted to the requirements in the canteen catering.

kamasys banner graphics cash register systems table service waiter cash register

Counter cash desk or separate cash desk?

Cash register systems with operation - regardless of whether directly at the counter or at a separate cash desk - can be easily integrated into existing concepts. The advantage of a counter cash register lies in the space gained and the associated more effective use of space. At the same time, additional sales can be generated through targeted communication by the staff.

kamasys graphic counter cash register for communal catering, company restaurants and canteens

Simple and network-independent installation

All that is required for installing the POS systems is a power and LAN connection. If internal restrictions prevent access to the network, a mobile connection is possible. This is detached from the customer network and is hosted externally in compliance with data protection regulations. Network independence always guarantees fast payment processing.

  • Size: 10.1" - 21.5"
  • Space-saving and hygienically clean installation via modular brackets for cash register and peripherals
  • Additional peripherals: receipt printer, graphic display (7"-10", customizable customer display / QR receipt), card reader, barcode scanner, EC terminal, scales, cash drawer
  • Different colors possible
  • Durable thanks to low-maintenance hardware
  • Individually designable cash register functions
  • Login with different authorisation profiles (manager, head cashier, cashier, etc.)
  • Article and service buttons with multiple tabs for the most common articles and services
  • Open articles with free price entry
  • Master data for articles, product groups, cashiers, customers, payment types
  • Different price lists for different customer groups
  • Import of employee master data (wage & salary)

All kamasys POS systems are equipped with a TSE - a technical security device - and are thus protected against manipulation. In addition, all POS variants can be combined with each other.