Mobile apps for ordering and payment have become an indispensable part of modern communal catering.

They offer numerous added values for guests and support restaurateurs in planning existing resources. In addition to the popular menu, app-based ordering and payment options are increasingly desired by customers.

Mobile payment - paying with a smartphone - is also becoming more and more commonplace in canteens. This is made possible by a payment portal. Thanks to the connection of SEPA direct debit, PayPal, credit card, digital credit, cost center or direct settlement via wage & salary, the cell phone in connection with the lunch app becomes a wallet for the communal catering.

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(Pre-)ordering via app

Guests can use the Lunch app to (pre-)order food and drinks, pay for them, and pick them up at the desired time. To do this, the desired products are selected via the order module and placed in the shopping cart. After checking, payment is made via the desired payment method. Users receive a QR code that entitles them to pick up the products.

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kamasys graphic check-in concept for company restaurants

Check-In as an extension to the Order module

The check-in concept extends the possibilities of the order module: Guests can sign in using a QR code when entering the company restaurant or taking their seat at the table. Their pre-order is then called up. After their confirmation and payment, the preparation of the food begins. Once the food is ready, it can be picked up at the serving counter or brought to the table by service staff or service robots. This means that guests can always enjoy freshly prepared food.

Another advantage of the check-in concept is the reduced space requirement: free-flow zones or different output counters become obsolete.

Scan2Go as a mobile self-service checkout

The Scan2Go module expands the self-service options in the company restaurant: Guests can pay for certain goods independently with their smartphone. All they have to do is scan the EAN code of the product with the Lunch app - the ordering process is then completed as usual using the stored means of payment. This allows Scan2Go to set up small autonomous catering points - for example, a refrigerator for snacks on an office floor.

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