In modern canteens and company restaurants, serving guests at the table has long since ceased to be a rarity - the boundaries to the classic restaurant experience are increasingly disappearing.

For guests, this primarily means higher service quality and more relaxed breaks. Operators of company restaurants can make better use of the available space by eliminating the need for serving counters. The POS systems of kamasys support restaurateurs in all technical details in the implementation of quality standards.

kamasys banner graphic counter cash register

Table service with classic waiter cash register

With classic table service, the waiters take the guests' orders and then enter them into the cash register in the kitchen area. Depending on the available space, the high-performance cash registers can be installed in a space-saving manner and equipped with additional peripherals (e.g. kitchen receipt printer).

kamasys graphic cash register
kamasys graphic mobile cash register

Table service with mobile cash register

In the course of digitalization, waiters are increasingly equipped with mobile cash registers: Orders are taken via a tablet and transmitted to the main checkout in the kitchen area via WLAN. The tablets are easy-to-use devices specially developed for this purpose. They impress with their high performance and long battery life. They are splash-proof and drop-proof and are therefore of a much higher quality than products from the consumer sector. 8" tablets have proven themselves for use in the catering sector.

Simple integration and combinability with other POS variants

The integration of POS systems for tabletop operation is done easily and identically to other POS concepts from kamasys: only a power and LAN connection are required. In addition, there is the option of setting up a mobile connection - separate from the internal network.

All kamasys POS systems are equipped with a TSE - a technical security device - and are thus protected against manipulation. In addition, all POS variants can be combined with each other.