Lack of space, shortage of personnel, high degree of digitization and modernization, changing customer behavior: There are many reasons for self-service concepts.

The options for self-checkout systems are diverse and can be individually adapted to on-site requirements. Depending on the checkout system used, those responsible in company catering can not only make better use of existing resources (e.g. space requirements) by reducing the number of checkout stations, but also create added value for guests. For example, waiting times can be shortened by using several self-service checkouts. In addition, there is no need to queue again at separate checkout stations.

kamasys banner self-service checkouts for company catering

Counter cash register SB

With the counter checkout SB, booking and payment is made directly at the output by the guest. An optional traffic light system signals to the guest or staff that all products have been entered and paid for. Alternatively, a display is available for the staff to compare the bookings.

kamasys graphic counter cash register for communal catering, company restaurants and canteens
kamasys graphic self checkout card reader

Mini cash register SB

The self-service mini-checkout is characterized in particular by its simple operation: One item can be sold per terminal. All guests have to do is present their employee ID card. Optical or acoustic signals can be installed to alert guests and staff. Example: A guest queues at the counter for their desired dish and places their employee ID card on the card reader. If the booking is successful, a lamp lights up and the dish is served by the staff.

In addition to saving time and space, the system also offers hygienic advantages, as no touching by guests or staff is necessary.

My plate scanner

With "My Plate Scanner", food and drinks can be captured within seconds. Guests place the tablet under a camera. This reliably recognizes the products and dishes in different sizes and shapes with 99% probability. The purchase can then be completed via the desired payment method. The "My Plate Scanner" accelerates checkout processes, allows higher checkout throughputs and shortens queues.

kamasys graphic camera checkout plate scanner
kamasys graphic order terminal

Ordering terminal

The use of order terminals - not least due to their use in system catering - is now becoming more and more commonplace. Because they are so easy to use, they are also increasingly being used in company catering. Guests can easily navigate through the menu, add food and beverages to the shopping cart, and then pay contactlessly. The order can then be picked up at the desired time at the serving counter.

TSE compliant and easy to install.

The self-service checkouts are easy to install and only require a power and LAN connection. Similar to attended checkout systems, there is also the option of setting up a mobile connection - separate from the internal network.

All kamasys POS systems are equipped with a TSE - a technical security device - and are thus protected against manipulation. In addition, all POS variants can be combined with each other.