The service robots of the Chinese manufacturer Pudu Robotics are now also finding their way into company restaurants in Germany. This is made possible by an exclusive agreement between kamasys and DigPanda, the Munich-based distributor responsible for the DACH region.

Now that the bots are already supporting existing staff in traditional catering and counteracting the shortage of skilled workers, the cooperation between the two IT specialists means that this potential is now also available to operators of communal catering.

Possible applications for Bella- and HolaBot

The product portfolio includes several delivery and disinfection robots. The best known are the BellaBot serving robot and the HolaBot clearing robot.
BellaBot's strength lies in serving guests: the ordered food is delivered directly to the table and only needs to be removed. With one trip of the robot, 40 kg of weight (e.g. food, drinks, cutlery) can easily be delivered to the tables. In addition, BellaBot has a walking mode: by following a route defined in advance, the robot can cater for guests as part of a "flying buffet".
HolaBot, on the other hand, with a load capacity of 60 kg, specializes primarily in clearing: Guests can order the bot to the table via a call function, load used dishes, and Hola then automatically transports them for cleaning. This makes returning dishes much easier and faster for both guests and staff.

Training with BellaBot

Support for employees instead of staff replacement

The service robots are in no way intended to exacerbate or even drive the staff shortage in the catering industry. On the contrary: Bella- and HolaBot are an enormous relief for the existing service staff: The two robots save carrying heavy dishes when serving and clearing away, and reduce walking distances for the "human colleagues." This creates free space to increase service quality and look after guests more intensively.
The first restaurants are also using concepts in which guests are served exclusively by BellaBot.

Cooperation at eye level: Close collaboration with DigPanda

The cooperation with DigPanda allows new gastronomic concepts in communal catering and offers great support for the challenges the industry is currently facing.
To ensure that the modern robots can be smoothly integrated into existing systems, sales and service staff from kamasys have been intensively trained by DigPanda managers. Both companies are in constant exchange to guarantee smooth processes and to support restaurateurs in overcoming their challenges. At the same time, guests are offered a completely new customer experience with BellaBot and HolaBot.