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High-quality food photos in the blink of an eye: The Fotoboxx as an all-in-one solution for product images in community catering, company restaurants and canteens.

Even people with no previous knowledge of photography can use the mobile photo studio to create and process high-quality images of food. As part of the Mittagstisch portfolio, the Fotoboxx supports restaurateurs in maintaining and updating the dish database. The connection to the existing Konka management suite is straightforward: the images are transferred fully automatically and assigned to the respective dishes. At the same time, the images are automatically scaled to different output media. This saves a considerable amount of time when managing the lunch table app, the web client and the digital signage products.

Thanks to predefined setup: Food photography has never been easier.

The Fotoboxx as a mobile photo studio has been developed for the catering industry: Gastronomes should have a tool at hand to easily photograph their dishes and process them further depending on the application. The result is a robust and easy-to-clean device that can be started immediately: space-saving housing, adjustable light sources, smartphone with connection to the KMS, changeable backgrounds.

With these features, the Fotoboxx is not only useful for restaurateurs, but can be used in many areas of product photography - across all industries.

Developed for canteens and company restaurants, usable across all industries for numerous areas of application: high-quality product and food photos with the all-in-one solution Fotoboxx.

  • Consistent professional-quality court images thanks to predefined setup
  • Easy handling for quick integration into the daily routine
  • Automatic transfer of image files to the backend system and assignment to the respective courts
  • Automatic adaptation of image files to the needs of different output media
  • Different laminate variants possible for a different look and for each product
  • All-in-one: Fotoboxx, camera, software and high-quality studio lighting
  • Ideal illumination by automatic light settings, depending on the product suitably selectable
  • Fits in any kitchen, saves space and is easy to clean thanks to the powder-coated aluminum housing
  • Robust, powder-coated aluminum housing
  • Interior plexiglass box backlit
  • Switch panel with individual switches for the lighting panels
  • Integrated charging sockets
  • Light color 4000K
  • 22,000 lux brightness in the center
  • Interior dimensions (W/H/D in mm): 530 x 425 x 495
  • Outer dimensions (W/H/D in mm): 600 x 505 x 505

"There is only one rule in photography: never develop film in chicken soup..."

- Freeman Patterson