How can the quality in the company restaurant and thus customer satisfaction be sustainably increased?

Well thought-out quality management - an ongoing process - increases customer satisfaction and the associated economic results in the long term. After formulating a mission statement or a goal for orientation, the current situation is analyzed. Those responsible can then derive and implement suitable measures to achieve the objectives.

With its QM tool, Kamasys supports restaurateurs in the communal catering sector in establishing ongoing quality management. The main focus is on guest feedback and customer surveys.

A variety of question options allow deep insights into the needs of the guests and facilitate the analysis

The kamasys QM tool enables the creation of guest surveys: from simple "top or flop" (situational surveys) to complex surveys, including multiple choice questions, matrix boxes and comment fields. Restaurateurs can easily carry out detailed and targeted surveys and evaluate the results using pie/bar charts and combinable filters, display them clearly and export them as CSV or PDF. The ideal basis for identifying and eliminating weak points in the company restaurant.

By constantly responding to customer wishes and constantly questioning our own processes, we achieve a long-term increase in quality and customer satisfaction.

"Everything can always be done better than it is done."

Henry Ford