Eat when and how you want! Canteen has never been more independent: The Lunch App creates completely new experiences - for restaurateurs and guests.

Always with us, more and more often in our hands: smartphones dominate our everyday lives. Why shouldn't they help to make our break times more pleasant? The Mittagstisch app can do just that - tailored to individual needs, it creates benefits for restaurateurs and guests. The modular structure allows the implementation of different features: pre-order and payment functions give restaurateurs the opportunity to plan production processes better. Guests save waiting times and get more out of their break.

With the lunch app, guests can be catered for regardless of time and place, and customer loyalty tools are used to create lasting guest experiences.

White label app: Proven software development ensures maximum performance and user-friendliness.

The basis for the Mittagstisch app is a white label solution. A basic framework that is individually adapted to each customer via modules and various branding options. The final version can be downloaded as a stand-alone app for users in the app stores and is not directly recognizable as a white label version.

The main advantage lies in an industry-proven software that is ideally suited to the needs of mass catering. This makes the Lunch App - in contrast to a specially developed version - a cost- and time-saving tool. Above all, the time-to-market phase is significantly shortened.

In addition to 18 available modules, the Mittagstisch app can be customized in terms of icons, colour designs and graphics. The only restrictions apply to the placement and arrangement of menu structures and content.

Not only convincing on mobile devices: The web client is easy to use and allows the lunch portfolio to be used on the desktop.

In addition to the Mittagstisch app, a web client is also available: Guests can also use current menus, capacity utilization display, feedback campaigns, credit top-up and similar features. For technical reasons, however, modules for ordering and payment processes or the connection to returnable systems are only available to app users.

All the content of the lunch products is managed centrally via the in-house backend system KMS. Those responsible for the company restaurants can make changes easily and at short notice: Corrections to the menu, adding dish features, publishing bonus promotions and much more. Interfaces to many external merchandise management systems make operational processes much more efficient and allow extensive evaluations.

With 18 modules, the Mittagstisch app is specifically adapted to the respective needs: This creates advantages for restaurateurs and guests.

Modules to order, payment and delivery:


With the module "Menu" you have the possibility to provide your menu from the BackEnd software to your app users. In addition to the manual input of your data, we also offer you the possibility of an import from Excel or by means of various interfaces from your merchandise management system (e.g. KOST, MBS5, delegate, ROP, Jomosoft, IUS). In the profile settings, dish characteristics, allergen and additive filters can be activated - in case of any incompatibilities.

Preorder / Order:

(Pre)ordering and payment of food and beverages incl. order history, configurable cancellation times, collective orders and various payment options. Storage of delivery locations, e.g. internal (workplace) or external (home office).


Integration of a payment portal for mobile loading of the virtual or physical chip card via PayPal, paydirekt, giropay, credit card and SEPA. Simply define your desired amount in your profile under Top-Up, which is automatically topped up when your credit falls below an amount of your choice (e.g. €10).

QR Payment:

Offer the possibility to pay via the link of a payment portal and the legitimation via QR code, at the checkout or at the vending machine.

Live Cash:

Inclusion of the link to the credit check of the virtual or physical smart card.

Customer loyalty modules:


Gone are the days of so-called "suggestion boxes". Today's employees and guests can send their feedback, wishes and suggestions for improvement directly via the app to the corresponding contact person. The submitted feedback can be displayed and evaluated in different variants in the backend system and sent on a time-controlled basis.


Here, the employee and guest have the opportunity to choose their own desired dish. You determine the dishes to be selected, the type of presentation, as well as the duration of the vote. Your guests can view the current results directly after the vote. A trend survey or market survey for new products and concepts can also be controlled via this.


With the help of bonus programs, you enable your customers to gain an advantage for regular shopping in your outlets. For example, you can grant customers a bonus via coffee or tea promotions or green food/regional food offers. Bonus points can be awarded or redeemed via QR codes created manually or printed via the POS system.


Make recipes available to your employees in the app, e.g. from dishes that have a high positive rating via the feedback or voting module. The recipes can be varied according to the number of people, saved in a personal cookbook within the app, and sent by email.

Guest survey:

Guest surveys are an important feedback channel for mass catering. The results of guest surveys can be used to optimize quality and service and increase guest numbers.

Table Request:

This module allows the employee to send a table request to an outlet by entering the number of people and the date and time.

Meat & Eat:

Possibility of sending an invitation to a mail address via the smartphone app.

Modules for communication:


This module represents an important function of the overall system. Hereby you have the possibility to transfer messages and information prepared in the backend software directly to the customer's smartphone, immediately or time-controlled. In this way, you achieve optimal dissemination of the desired information. In addition, you can send the news title from the news module - directly and informally - via push message.


Presentation of the various contact persons and contact data per location and outlet with the respective opening hours, a route function as well as the possibility to contact them directly via e-mail or telephone.

Web links:

The user has the option of adding external mobile websites such as the user's own website, links to surveys or social media sites. The links are made available to the user via a web service. The pages can be exchanged variably via the backend. The corresponding module icon in the app remains unaffected.

Administration, sustainability and access modules

Utilization indicator:

Graphical display of the current occupancy rate of your company restaurant as well as display of the occupancy rate of a comparison day for easier decision-making by your guests.

Returnable packaging systems:

The module allows the integration of reusable packaging into the lunch app (menu plan / assortment for the order module). Issue, deposit, return and accounting of the dishes can be directly linked to the system provider. This means that the module can also be used independently.

Dealer / Admin Mode:

The module expands the app's range of functions without having to purchase additional hardware: Among other things, QR codes can be scanned for food serving or for the return of reusable packaging, and products ordered or already picked up for the respective pick-up slot can be displayed for the kitchen countdown. It also allows smartphones to be registered for payment within the app via payroll or cost centers. The merchant mode is also the basis for the control of the Fotoboxx.