Innovative concepts and digital solutions create new opportunities: (pre-)orders are part of the new generation in community catering

Poor planning in terms of the food required on the part of restaurateurs, long queues and the fear of whether the desired dish is still available on the part of guests: this impression of communal catering is persistent. The digital transformation creates opportunities to offer guests and operators many advantages - including in the ordering process.

kamasys banner graphic order possibilities in the catering industry

Order now, pick up later: App-based (pre-)ordering is becoming a must-have in the industry.

With the order module of the lunch app, guests can order anywhere and at any time: Simply select items from the menu/assortment and add them to the shopping cart. Finally, users can check their order and book it using the desired payment method.

Guests use the order module directly in the company restaurant or at the food vending machine and it functions as an instant purchase. Alternatively, meals can be pre-ordered. In this case, stored order acceptance and cancellation deadlines must be observed. Guests also specify a pick-up time to receive their orders.

Orders are linked to a QR code for both pre-orders and instant purchases. This only needs to be scanned at the serving counter or food vending machine.

Nice-to-have: Company restaurants with a delivery service can also process these orders via the order module. In this case, customers must enter their delivery address during the ordering process.

Conserve resources, simplify processes: Finally, restaurateurs can plan more easily and reduce costs.

Above all, the pre-order function offers restaurateurs security when planning: they can estimate requirements much better and prepare accordingly. Overproduction and the associated food waste are minimized and costs are reduced. As guests pay for their orders in advance via the app, liabilities are incurred and restaurateurs have the necessary certainty about sales.

Location and time-independent (pre-)ordering: The new era in community catering.

"An app that doesn't add value won't be used."

Kai Trempel