Communication with guests and appropriate marketing at all levels strengthens customer loyalty and promotes sales.

In modern company catering, the focus is not only on the quality of the offer, but also on communication with guests: marketing is becoming more important for canteens and company restaurants. Only those who reach customers in the best possible way can ensure that guests take advantage of the high-quality offerings.

Kamasys supports company caterers and canteen operators comprehensively with various marketing measures.

We offer digital and analog options to better market restaurant offers and attract the attention of customers. In addition to the digital signage solutions for more attention, the lunch table app supports customer satisfaction with modules such as feedback or voting.

Analog options include classic roll-ups, table displays, floor stickers and business cards - all coordinated with the respective CI in the company restaurant.

With the right measures, restaurateurs can market their offerings in a more targeted manner, improve communication with guests, and increase sales.