Forced home office, new working time models, changed customer behavior: The mass catering industry needs new concepts to retain and win back customers. The solution: full-service canteens.

Where are my guests? This is a question that restaurateurs are frequently asking themselves at the moment. But even more pressing is the question: How do I win them back?

Innovative, digital concepts and solutions support those responsible for catering to their guests regardless of location and time. The focus is on the modular lunch app, which makes ordering and payment processes easy at any time: For guests of canteens and company restaurants. For users of food vending machines. For employees who have their meals delivered to their home offices.

A powerful tool to react flexibly to the individual needs of your guests and to offer a full service.

Thanks to digitization, traditional catering in the company cafeteria is becoming much simpler and faster.

It's no longer appropriate to wait until the break to find out what's on offer in the company restaurant and order it. In modern company catering, food and drinks are pre-ordered and paid for using a dedicated app before the break begins. Alternatively, instant purchases can also be made via it. All order details are linked to a QR code. This only needs to be scanned for pickup at the serving counter.

For guests, this means reduced waiting time and restaurateurs can better plan for demand.

With food vending machines - the smallest canteens in the world - employees can be fed with high-quality meals around the clock

Thanks to constant accessibility - even beyond the opening hours of canteens and company restaurants - food vending machines are increasingly finding their way into holistic employee catering concepts: With these vending machines, guests can be provided with a wide range of high-quality food and beverages at any time.

Modern food vending machines can be easily integrated into the lunch app: Ordering and payment can be made from any location. A QR code is generated, which is scanned by the vending machine during pickup to dispense the ordered goods.

Competing with kebab & pizza and the like: catering for employees in the home office with your own delivery service.

Employees & guests work from home? A delivery service can also be mapped via the lunch app. By specifying an internal or external delivery address, employees and guests can also be catered for outside the restaurant. The consumption of high-quality food in the home office or thanks to delivery directly to the office remains guaranteed.

Our partner Frühauf Genuss has successfully established its own delivery service and even added children's menus to the delivery offering.

Read the full testimonial here.

By combining different catering options - company restaurant, vending machines, delivery - more guests can be reached and won back. The ease of use via a single app for ordering and payment lowers inhibition thresholds and enables canteens and company restaurants to offer a full service.

"Quality management, in its definition, does not have the goal of the best possible quality, but of appropriate quality."