Every customer is unique

Kamasys is the market leader in the area of communal catering and has been on the market since 2003. The core business - cash register and payment systems for company restaurants - has evolved into an innovative digital company: in 2013, we introduced the first app for communal catering - including the integration of digital food presentation. The resulting Mittagstisch product portfolio is driving digital change and supporting restaurateurs in overcoming their challenges.

Holistic project support:The 6 steps with kamasys

1. project consultation:

Consulting management for new and existing customers regarding the possibilities of new catering concepts

2. project planning:

As-is analysis and target concept according to customer specifications

3. project implementation:

Delivery and installation of all necessary components

4. project introduction:

Training, services and on-site support

5. real run:

Live run support during the start-up phase

6. project follow-up:

On-site support, updates, hotline and remote maintenance

"Let us have the courage to work together to implement the right processes correctly and to leave well-trodden paths in order to tread new paths. Because Georg Westermann already stated - symbolically - that if digitization is implemented incorrectly, a caterpillar does not become a butterfly, but at best a fast caterpillar."
Marcel Konrad

Founder & CEO

kamasys and the importance of sustainability

Sustainability at kamasys

In everyday business

The conscious use of resources and a sustainable approach to nature and environmental issues is becoming increasingly important and is one of the most important social issues. We are actively committed to these issues - both in our private and business lives. We know that our actions have a direct impact on our world. As a company, we avoid excessive waste production and energy wastage at all our sites.

In communal catering

In addition, various concepts and functions are being developed to create more sustainability: In addition to awarding health and sustainability factors (CO2 / Nutriscore / GESOCA / nutrition traffic light) or embedding reusable packaging as a closed-loop system (Relevo, Rieber, VYTAL), more complex strategies are also being developed for communal catering. These include the pre-order function (supports demand and staff planning, helps to avoid waste) as well as concepts for minimizing space and optimizing resources (free-flow system becomes superfluous, smartphone compensates for checkout space).