Employee catering on a trust basis is uncomplicated to implement with Scan2Go: The small self-service stores function completely via the lunch app and make additional checkout technology obsolete.

When hunger strikes... the next break is usually a long way off - and in the worst case, there's nothing snackable to hand. Resourceful restaurateurs take advantage of this "need": in addition to the regular company restaurant, small self-service stores are established - e.g. on an office floor. For employees, this not only offers new catering options, but also completely new customer experiences.

The smartphone becomes a "cash register in your pocket": the module significantly simplifies the payment process for customers.

Users are authorized for the self-service store by scanning a QR code - similar to the location activation in the company restaurant. Then, the EAN code is simply scanned via the Lunch app, and the selected products are placed in the shopping cart. After verification, the order is completed and paid via the desired payment method.
If the product does not have an EAN code, separate codes can be generated. These can either be stuck on the products or attached to the shelf for scanning.

kamasys graphic for pre-order check-in at the entrance of the company restaurant

Small module with almost limitless application possibilities: Users can pay more easily, cater more independently, and restaurateurs can conserve resources with Scan & Go cash registers.

Ex. goods shelf on office floor:

With the Scan2Go module extension, small catering islands can be established outside the canteen: These can be, for example, goods shelves refrigerators in tea kitchens or break rooms. Employees can quickly get snacks, drinks, or fresh fruit in between meals.

Ex. Refrigerator in high traffic places:

Many employees want to take food home from the company restaurant for dinner or the next day at the home office. The problem is that if you buy the food during the lunch break, you can't keep it cool until the end of the day. On the other hand, those who don't want to buy until closing time are usually faced with closed canteens. The solution: Scan2Go in combination with a refrigerator. This can be installed at busy locations, for example. Employees can then easily take their meals with them on the way home.