The resource-saving handling of food is becoming increasingly important: By avoiding waste, costs can be reduced and business can be conducted more sustainably.

In communal catering, company restaurants and canteens, guests can increasingly order food and beverages in advance. The concept of pre-ordering - established for decades through daycare and school lunches - also brings relevant advantages to restaurateurs. Key words: predictability and waste avoidance. Based on advance orders, requirements can be better calculated and large quantities no longer have to be kept in stock. At the same time, food waste is avoided and costs are reduced.

kamasys graphic: Check-in at the entrance of the company restaurant

The classic pre-ordering in the company restaurant via the lunch app can be made completely independent of location and time, taking into account the order acceptance deadline - as can the payment.

After selecting the items from the assortment, the shopping cart is checked including the display of the defined prices per customer group. The purchase can then be completed via the desired payment method. A QR code generated by the app authorizes the customer to pick up the goods at the serving counter or food vending machine.

Thanks to modern check-in facilities, guests can be offered even fresher prepared food. A QR code serves as a trigger for pre-ordering

The QR code-controlled check-in "links" the advance order with the kitchen: Guests order food and drinks of their choice via the lunch app and can pay for them immediately if required. When entering the company restaurant or taking a seat at the table, a QR code is scanned. After confirming the pre-order, the kitchen staff receives notification of the guest's presence - only now does the preparation begin.

The clear advantage is that the food is even fresher than when it is picked up taking into account a certain period of time.

Pre-ordering in mass catering is an important measure for satisfying customer needs and operating more efficiently. The advantage for guests: different types of pick-up are available

Guests can pick up the order - after completing it via the desired payment method - at the issue counter. A QR code generated by the order authorizes pickup. Depending on the infrastructure in the company restaurant, check-in concepts can also be used here.

After completing the booking via the desired payment method, the order can be picked up at the vending machine via the generated QR code. Customers can thus be catered for 24/7.

By storing an internal (e.g. workplace) or external (e.g. home office) delivery location, guests can also be catered for outside the company restaurant. Dabeo provides push notifications and shipment tracking during delivery.