Feeding employees better with the new generation of food vending machines and ordering processes: Healthy, fresh and sustainable.

Food vending machines and healthy eating? A contradiction for years. The snacks sold were too unhealthy, the food too unappetizingly overstocked. Digitization is changing all that. At modern vending machines, (pre-)ordering and payment can be made effortlessly via app, and in conjunction with additional freezer, microwave and return vending machines, small company restaurants can be established: Healthy catering for employees is thus guaranteed 24/7. Demand-oriented stocking and the integration of reusable packaging systems make the concept sustainable.

Order. Pay. Pick up.

Fresh goods thanks to advance ordering. Food waste can be minimized by stocking according to demand.

The option of pre-ordering food from vending machines opens up new scope for caterers: they know the demand in advance and can stock the machines accordingly. This minimizes the risk of food remaining in the vending machine too long, not being picked up and ultimately spoiling. Of course, there is still room to stock the vending machines with additional products for spontaneous purchases.

Types of vending machines: the right device for every requirement

Vending machine

Drum and lift vending machines have established themselves as food vending machines. Thanks to flexibly divisible surfaces, they offer space for numerous products in different sizes. Thanks to temperature monitoring, perishable products can also be sold. This makes it possible to offer a wide and, above all, fresh range of products.

Lift machines are particularly suitable for products that need to be handled gently, such as lettuce, eggs, or products in glass packaging: the lift system ensures gentle dispensing.

Freezer module and microwave oven:

The freezer and the microwave module extend the possibilities of round-the-clock catering. On the one hand, frozen meals can be offered in addition to ice cream, and on the other, the microwave module allows the food on offer to be heated quickly and easily. The QR code on the reusable packaging also serves as preparation instructions: the microwave machine can automatically heat the food ready to eat.

Return machine:

The reverse vending machine also allows you to take back reusable dishes and credit the return information directly back to the customer. Simply set the dishes one after the other. After the QR codes are recognized, the tilting device is released and the dishes fall into the rolling and lidded storage container. In the process, the returned plates, bowls and cups are properly stored at up to 2 degrees Celsius.


With the vending machine SL3 it is possible to sell the most diverse products. Thanks to a lift system and large output tray, there are almost no limits. With built-in food refrigeration, the vending machine is also ideally suited for the sale of food and perishable goods. To ensure that no expired goods are sold, an expiration date can be assigned to each product slot. With up to 8 height-adjustable shelves and up to 10 individually adjustable product chutes each, nothing stands in the way of a suitable setup for the individual products. The vending machine is controlled either via an SZ control module or via another vending machine.

This drum vending machine is a technically very high-quality device. Here the products can be selected by direct selection on the sales level. The flaps for removing the products open and close automatically. The time window for this can be set. Each level also has an LED illuminated product display and an LCD price display. Thanks to temperature monitoring, perishable products can also be sold, which are then blocked when the temperature is exceeded. Each tier can be pulled out separately for easy filling and cleaning. The vending machine has an easily accessible, compact cooling system with lateral air circulation.

A drum vending machine as versatile as hardly any other. You have many different products to sell or want to offer your customers a wide-ranging assortment? Then the ATB is an attractive alternative. The sales possibilities range from a honey jar to egg cartons to entire shopping baskets filled with a wide variety of specialties.
The drum vending machine ATB is equipped with top cooling. The temperature is freely adjustable. You can also determine the height of the compartments when ordering the machine. Thus you have the choice of 3 to 8 shelves, which means a number of compartments from 18 to 48 compartments on just under one square meter of sales area.

The automatic flap dispenser is available in three different versions. Starting with 10 large or 20 small compartments up to a mix of both variants. The flaps are controlled via a control module. Each compartment is given a separate number, which is used for selection and payment. LED lighting makes it visually clear whether the compartment has already been sold or is still filled with contents. Of course, this Auto-mat can also be provided with an individual design to emphasize the uniqueness of the company and the high quality of the products.

The SMW microwave module can be attached as a supplement, for example to a lift car. This makes it possible to offer freshly prepared meals from the vending machine and to heat them directly from the SMW ready for consumption via the microwave. For this purpose, the microwave module is also controlled via the same control system as the automatic lift. The SMW microwave module can heat up to 3 meals simultaneously, reducing waiting times in front of the vending machine. Up to 3 microwave modules and thus 9 microwaves can be controlled via one machine or separately.

The ER 1 return machine also makes it possible to take back reusable tableware and to credit the return information directly to the customer. Simply set the dishes one after the other. After the QR codes have been recognized, the tilting device is released and the dishes fall into the roll-up storage container, which can be closed with a lid. The returned plates, bowls and cups are stored properly at up to 2 degrees Celsius.

In 2019, around 579,100 vending machines - so-called vending machines - existed on the German market. Around 16% of these are for the sale of snacks and food - and the trend is rising.