With modern check-in facilities, guests can be served faster and in a more customer-friendly manner - a win-win situation for restaurateurs and customers.

Digitization in mass catering allows comprehensive optimization and improved customer experiences. A QR code-controlled check-in in the company restaurant shortens the waiting time for guests: they can enjoy their break better. At the same time, operators can work more efficiently and in a more targeted manner: The modern and contemporary restaurant experience brings benefits on both sides. The basis is the modular lunch app or the ordering terminal, which can be combined with mobile payment options and even service robots.

Check-in at the entrance: trigger the (pre-)order and have it prepared when entering the restaurant

Guests can view the current menu, make advance orders and also pay for them - regardless of time and location - via the lunch app. A QR code is scanned when entering the company restaurant: The check-in is linked to the corresponding pre-order. If there are multiple pre-orders, the guest can select the appropriate one or add additional instant purchases. The kitchen staff is informed about the check-in and the completion of the order, and the food is then freshly prepared for the guest. The guest can pick up his order at the counter as usual.

Another advantage of the app solution is that payment can be handled securely and easily: The usual employee ID cards become obsolete. Almost all common means of payment (SEPA, PayPal, credit card, etc.) can be stored in the app.

kamasys graphic check-in when entering the company restaurant

Check-in at the table: take a seat, place your (pre-)order and be served in comfort

Check-in at the table works in the same way as check-in at the entrance: take a seat at the table and scan the QR code. Then call up and confirm pre-orders or make (additional) instant purchases. Only after completion is the order freshly prepared.

When checking in at the table, the table number is also transmitted: the finished dishes can be brought directly to the guest's table by service staff or service robots. Alternatively, guests are informed when the food is ready and can pick up their order at the counter as usual.

kamasys graphic check in place

Check-in at the terminal: make instant purchases, pay without cash and reduce waiting time

Via the display of the ordering terminal, the guest can call up the current menu and make instant purchases in the company restaurant: Orders are placed directly and paid for without cash. The terminal expands the ordering options in the restaurant and thus shortens queues at the regular ordering counter.

kamasys graphic check-in at the order terminal

Free-flow system obsolete: valuable areas can be reduced and thus costs saved

In new buildings and conversions, the check-in concept can contribute to a significant reduction in costs: the restriction to one serving counter makes the usual catering islands for ordering and serving superfluous. With acquisition costs of approx. 8,000 € / linear meter for conventional counters, the space requirement can be reduced and costs lowered.

What the guest does not see: Check-in signals to the kitchen staff that the guest is present and that his order can now be prepared. This is visually displayed on three monitors

Kitchen Monitor:

The kitchen monitor is used to process all orders: Via the display the preparation is "started:" The cook sees the order and reports that he starts the preparation. In parallel, the order is assigned a corresponding number.

kamasys graphic kitchen monitor

Output Monitor:

The issue monitor - also installed in the kitchen area - keeps employees on top of things. It shows staff which orders can be issued and which have already been picked up.

kamasys graphic output monitor

Customer Monitor:

The customer monitor, on the other hand, is located at the serving counter. It shows guests the status of their order: The order number indicates whether it is still being prepared or is already ready for pickup. The order status can also be viewed via the lunch app.

kamasys graphic customer monitor