kamasys banner merchandise management systems for mass catering, company restaurants and canteens

The core task of merchandise management systems is the meaningful linking of individual areas. This results in a wide range of possible applications for the software in order to make operating processes more efficient.

Our many years of experience in the industry support restaurateurs in choosing the right merchandise management system.

Instead of an in-house merchandise management system, we act as an intermediary and make recommendations: This builds bridges between suppliers and interested parties. This is based on many years of cooperation with experienced partners. As a result, we always find the right solution: from smaller company restaurants with less than 500 meals a day to large catering establishments and their special requirements.

Numerous interfaces to existing ERP systems - easy implementation in existing software environment

The Mittagstisch product portfolio can be easily linked to existing merchandise management systems. Interfaces already exist for these software solutions, which are commonly used in company catering:

  • KOST Software
  • Delegate Technology
  • MBS5 management and ordering system
  • cloudMenu
  • JOMOsoft
  • selly Foodservice Cloud
  • SANALOGIC Solutions
  • ROP10
  • Other interfaces possible on request

The modular structure of the merchandise management systems allows individual adaptation to the needs of the respective company restaurant.

Efficiency can be increased through the targeted use of the software. At the same time, costs can be reduced thanks to different modules.

Proven modules (selection):

  • Manage articles
  • Create recipes
  • Menu planning
  • Warehouse management
  • Customer management
  • Financial accounting
  • Payment systems
  • Purchasing organization & B2B
  • QM & HACCP
  • Mobile cash registers
  • Delivery service
  • uvm.