Increase checkout throughput and reduce waiting times with cashless payment systems.

Cashless payment systems allow much faster payment transactions. The average checkout throughput with cash is 4 - 6 guests per minute. When paying without cash, it doubles to up to 12. The reduction in waiting time means greater customer satisfaction and at the same time less work for staff. In addition, the use of these systems reduces the costs for the time-consuming counting and removal of cash and minimizes the risk of theft or misuse.

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Mobile payment in company catering: it doesn't get any more convenient than this.

Mobile payment options are becoming increasingly important. Integrating various payment methods into the Mittagstisch app makes it easier for guests to pay. Food and drinks can be purchased quickly and securely via smartphone: for example via SEPA direct debit, credit card, PayPal and direct billing via payroll.

Mobile Payment

In addition to the simple operation, the main advantages are the low acquisition and hardware costs. All applications are controlled in the cloud - internal servers are therefore not necessary.

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QR Payment

The smartphone and the user account of the payment portal are linked together. A subsequently generated QR code then allows contactless payments. This QR code replaces the physical employee ID card and legitimizes the payment at the POS. Regularly regenerating the code provides reliable protection against misuse.

Payment Portal

The payment portal offers the integration of various payment options such as SEPA, credit card, PayPal or payroll. Additional encoding of chip cards or ID cards is necessary - as is the additional purchase of recharging hardware. The payment portal offers a transaction-specific overview and a credit balance display that can be viewed online.

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Wage & Salary

As a cost-effective overall system, Payments via Payroll offers numerous export interfaces to downstream HR systems such as SAP, DATEV or Paisy. The main advantage: payment is possible at any time, a separate credit balance is not necessary.

ec / credit card

External guests are integrated when paying by debit or credit card. The costs for payment terminal / card readers are low.

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Charged balance

With this form of contactless payment, external guests are integrated using separate guest cards. Charging is uncomplicated via cash, debit or credit cards.

Cost center

Cost center cards allow contactless payment and can be easily connected to downstream systems such as SAP via an export interface. In this case, billing takes place via the hospitality voucher.

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